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In 2003, I built my personal recording studio in the basement of my residence which opened up a world of possibilities for me. With state of the art equipment and adrenaline in my veins, I plunged into production work.

Hrm : singer-songwritEr-MUSIC PRODUCER

My debut as a singer-songwriter-producer is my coming-of-age as a musician. Over the years, there has been much I have wanted to do, to create and present music that I had in my heart and mind. The pandemic months have given me enough time in the studio to give shape to my debut album "Break Ke Baad".


aria the studio

Aria The Studio is built from the ground up for recording. The acoustics in the Live Room are phenomenal for drums and vocals. There is a great collection of some of the finest microphones in the world and there are keyboards, guitars, and amps.

The goal at Aria The Studio is to provide a world-class recording facility and a creative environment without compromise.

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