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Tu Bataa is a quintessential Gen Z love story waiting to unfurl: boy is smitten, will she want to make it a night to remember? With high energy performances and a video to match, it features Arriv on vocals & bass, Advay on vocals & drums and Hitesh on vocals & guitars.

The video is electrifying, by filmmaker-director Vishesh Verma, the extraordinaire who has collaborated on three other music videos with Hitesh, and has grown so fond of the boys over time. Together with National Award winning director of photography Sachin Gadankush, this dream-team from Mumbai enthrals with visuals that are dreamy yet grungy, rugged yet sexy, pacy yet deliberate.

🎧 Listen To & Download "Tu Bataa"

"Dil Mera Kho Gaya", a collaboration with filmmaker Vishesh Verma, in which Hitesh steps out of his comfort zone and embraces his strengths- his songwriting, guitar playing and baritone vocals, like never before. A new sound, very different from his previous releases, Hitesh sets about exploring his vocal range to the brim and toying with bare-naked arrangement, something Vishesh envisaged and egged on Hitesh to try out, the outcome becoming the canvas for Vishesh's gorgeous video.

🎧 Listen To & Download "Dil Mera Kho Gaya"

"Aao Naa" marks the debut of Hitesh's  sons, Arriv and Advay, a special one for him as life comes full circle. It is a love song that has a minimalistic arrangement driven by acoustic guitars, featuring three distinct voices and the chemistry of a father and sons trio. Another collaboration with  photographer/director Vishesh Verma, this song depicts what you feel when you want to be close to your closest folk.

🎧 Listen To & Download "Aao Naa"

Gal Sunn Zara”  is Hitesh's latest release, the third single from his upcoming album and is about lovers who drift apart unknowingly only because they fail to talk to each other about their needs and feelings. It won at the Clef Music Awards 2021 for Best Music Composer, Best Music Producer & Best Solo Performance in a Music Video.

Watch the music video, directed by one of the country’s  leading fashion & advertising photographers and music video/ad film director Vishesh Verma, to find out what happens when they unexpectedly run into each other.

🎧 Listen To & Download “Gal Sunn Zara

Break Ke Baad, HRM’s debut single as a singer-songwriter-producer talks about the ‘struggle to stay fit ’. The song was conceptualised by Hitesh’s wife Payal, who felt completely defeated with the struggle of maintaining size and shape! The video showcases brilliantly done illustrations and animations by Nitin and Loveleen Chawla. This immensely creative and talented duo hit it off right away with Payal's vision of how the song had to be represented on screen, and the team got the Clef Music Award 2021 for the Best Song Video Director.

The animation-based video that was released in January 2020 also features Hitesh’s talented sons Ariv and Advay, who also famously accompanied him in the Balcony Concerts during the lockdown.

🎧 Listen To & Download "Break Ke Baad"

Hitesh released his first single “VANDE INDIA”,  on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti on Oct 1, 2020, an instrumental in which he has chosen to express himself through the guitar.  

🎧 Listen To & Download “Vande India

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